Photo of Atzarin accordion.

Special introductory offer still available!

1289 euros

(+ 21% VAT for EU countries) + shipping.

Price includes straps and hard case.

Atzarin Accordion - Details

Fully chromatic, bisonoric and neutral in the right hand and unisonoric in the left hand.

Treble 40 translucent buttons in black and pearl Atzarin arrangement
Treble Range d# - b3 (c1 = middle c on piano)
Treble Tuning 2 voices M, M + 15 cents
Bass 72 buttons in standard Stradella arrangement. 4 voices per tone.
Registers None
Size 35.5cm x 18.5cm
Weight 6.5kg
Reeds Delicia standard reeds
Layout Type Right Hand: Bisonoric, Atzarin layout.
Left Hand: standard Stradella bass.
Manufacturer Delicia, Czech Republic, Europe.
Price 1441 euros + shipping.
EU Price Introductory offer: 1289 euros + 21% VAT = 1559.69 euros + shipping.
Usual price in 2015: 1441 euros + 21% VAT = 1743.61 euros + shipping.
Shipping Most of Europe = 79 euros
USA = 145 euros

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Left end photo of Atzarin bandonion prototype.

Atzarin Accordion - Shipping areas and prices including insurance

Zone A Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece,
Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway,
Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and UK
79 euros
Zone B Rest of Europe, Azores, Madeira, Monaco, Isle of Man and Morocco 95 euros
Zone C Africa except Morocco 103 euros
Zone D Asia and Oceania 157 euros
Zone E America 145 euros